Custom Badges as Rings or Necklaces


We can now create custom badges as pendant necklaces or rings for almost any law enforcement department or fire department in the United States. Choose a style below and you will see many different custom badges which are the basis for almost every law enforcement badge in the country. All custom jewelry is available in Sterling Silver, 10 Karat Gold or 14 Karat Gold. Pendants are available in Penny, Nickel or Quarter size.  Click on your style and you will see a completed sample as well as a badge with the number of spaces available for customization.

Steps to Get Started Below:

  1. Find and select custom badges similar to your department’s badge or shield
  2. Customize your pendant or ring with your department name, badge number or other text
  3. Select your state to add your center seal
  4. Confirm your custom badge jewelry, add to cart and checkout
  5. In 6-8 weeks, you’ll receive your custom badge jewelry
  6. Contact us if you need special additional customization, please call us at 516-785-0134 or email

** Note: Designs are shrunk to a miniature version that fits on our custom jewelry. Our jewelers take “artistic license” to simplify designs to MAXIMIZE RECOGNITION and eliminate small details that would be otherwise illegible.

How It Works - First Pick A Style, Customize and Buy - Add Text and State Seal - Next A Digital Rendering is Created and a Cast is Made - Then Your Piece is Expertly Polished and Finished Ready for You To Cherish For Years!

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