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Please view our large list of testimonials and reviews. At Gennaro Jewelers, we are committed to our customer service and these reviews are a result of that.

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Dear Gary and Staff,
I do not even know where or how to begin to thank you for saving my family heirloom jewelry which had been ravaged by storm waters of Super Storm Sandy. I came to you with a bag of discolored jewelry that meant the world to me. You showed such kindness, supportiveness, and respect for what it meant to me. You were able to save most all of it. I will never forget what you did for me. Now I can pass these pieces to my son and to my niece and with it the love of a special family which you helped to save.

Karen T

Dear Gennaro Jewelers,
The stray animals that have benefited from your generosity never saw your gift and will never meet its lucky winner. But, due to the outpouring your donation generated, your gift has already been transformed into food and medical care for homeless cats and dogs.

For the Voiceless, Animal Lifeline

Mr. Hudes,
Thank you so much for helping us with my husband’s wedding ring before we left on our honeymoon. We are now, and have always been loyal Gennaro customers. Thank you again!!

Jessica L

Dear Gennaro Jewelers,
Thank you for sweetly assisting me through every step of my “sentimental journey” I know I will thoroughly enjoy wearing the ring we created together. Warmest Wishes,

Janet B

To everyone at Gennaro’s
We have been so impressed with your knowledge and dedication from the day we first looked at engagement rings to the day we picked up our wedding bands. The quality and diversity of your jewelry is unlike any other place around, and your customer service is impeccable. Thank you for your beautiful rings and big hearts.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt B

Dear Gennaro Jewelers
Thank you so much for being so kind and taking such good care of me. Your genuine care and concern for me was over the top and I can now enjoy my wedding rings again! They look beautiful! Thank you for everything. Sincerely,

Lisa R

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